A brilliant reason to use the service of DigiLocker in India


Finally, some good news for our heavy pockets. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has taken some serious steps for making ‘Digital India’ a huge success. He plans to eliminate the use of driving license in physical form.


Any individual can now carry the driving license with a Digilocker account in digital form. For those who do not know about the Digilocker system, here are a few insights.


People signing for Digilocker have a dedicated cloud space in the system where all the documents can be store in one place. The documents can range from your 10th, 12th or degree mark sheets, company documents, passport, driving license, marriage certificate and many more options to choose from. I feel it’s a brilliant scheme founded under NDA initiative by Government of India.


This scheme eliminates the need of carrying a physical document with you around all the time. This was started keeping in mind the increasing corruption people face while presenting original documents at any Government organization for verification.


Opening an account in Digilocker is free. It can either be accessed through your email id or Aadhaar card. The process is much quickly if applying with Aadhaar card, otherwise it can take up to 15 days.


The advantage one has with this account is if an individual is stopped at any traffic signal and asked to present driving license, one can do so with the Digilocker app. The authorities all over India are bound to accept that as proof of original for any requirement like opening a bank account.


The only issue faced by this app will be the penetration of internet at all times. Web access is limited to 20% which is half as compared to China. Hence, government should take steps to ensure the app is functionally error-free all the time.


Although the Delhi Police officers were unsure if original documents were necessary back in 2012. The citizens used to carry photocopies of their driving license with them. This was later banned and people were prosecuted for not carrying original document. Surprisingly, the app will help the police to issue penalty points to the driving as well in the future.


Looks like Mr. Narendra Modi really wants to bring in some positive change in the economy of India. There are critics who may not agree on this point, but some change can be said to be better then no change. Our Prime Minister wants the future of India to be a place where use of physical documents is minimalist.


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