Growing interest of French startups in Indian Startups


France and India are following the same path towards tech entrepreneurship and a lot of similarities between the two countries with regards to start-ups. In 2013, the French government started a global program called French Tech Ticket for startups across the world to participate. Since then, it’s now in Season 2 and looking forward to India as a key partner.


French Tech Ticket wants to utilize India’s fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. It wants to host Indian startups in France. Thus providing with an opportunity for French startups to join with their Indian counterparts and help them reach a global platform.


Sylvain Biard is in charge of the program in India since August 2012. He is also in charge of Tech & Services Department of Business France for South Asia. Biard has previously completed several assignments within the French Economic Mission in Hanoi and the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in Vietnam. The experiences give him deep knowledge in international development. The key focus will be on South and East Asia.


French startups and Indian Startups – A comparison


Both ecosystems are working in the same category in terms of dynamics and numbers. The main difference maybe the fact that Indian startups would generally consider scaling up in India. While a French startup would look at growing globally to leverage on early innovation and market penetration advantages. French companies and entrepreneurs are excelling at developing state-of-the-art products and technologies. But lacking at efficiently and marketing these innovations globally at an early stage.


In any case, a key for a tech startup to be successful anywhere depends on a balanced team of founders and core team members. It should have the right mix of technology, management, and business development competencies. In the recent years, the French tech has seen a rapid growth in the industry. It’s mainly driven by the new generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and designers just as in India.


“Apart from a few startups like BlaBlaCar, no other startups gained popularity in India or are not counting India as a key market.”


French Startups in India


The French startups in India that we are not aware of.


  • BlaBlaCar (ride-sharing services)
  • Embisphere (RFID solutions)
  • Happn (meeting app)
  • FAMOCO (secure NFC Android readers)
  • News Republic (news aggregator)
  • Planet Ride (road trips and adventures marketplace)
  • Criteo (performance digital advertising)


It is worth mentioning that an even bigger number of these French tech startups are engaged with Indian stakeholders directly or indirectly.


“Last October, India’s Meru Cabs formed an alliance with France-based eCab”.


About French Tech Ticket


It’s a global competition program for welcoming talented foreign entrepreneurs to France. It has a unique ‘welcome pack’. It includes French resident permit, prizes money/funding of EUR 45,000 (over US$50,000) along with 1-year free office space in one of the partner incubators, mentoring program and dedicated acceleration. It also provides an opportunity to address the European markets. The European Union stands as the largest consumption market in the world. The program is basically covering any tech-intensive vertical, from mobile to e-commerce. It also encompasses Cleantech, Healthtech, Greentech, Biotech, and Foodtech. The deadline is shifted to 23rd September 2016.


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