ISRO to launch 68 satellites in one mission


ISRO maybe be beating its own record next year. The ISRO has bagged a deal of launching 68 satellites out of which 12 are from the USA. The space agency will beat its own record by doing so. Previously, it launched 20 satellites on June 22 and the world’s best known multi-satellite launch up to now is 32.


These 68 are Nanosatellites which will have 4 more satellites. ISRO will be sending them into space with the main foreign satellite. This is a major move for the Indian Space Agency.


Why launching PSLV satellites?

The most reliable launch system known as Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Using this vehicle, ISRO has launched around 74 satellites in the past 15 years. The global clients of ISRO are World Sat, DLR, Astrium, Avanti Group, KARI to name a few. This particular launch of 68 satellites is done for a particular customer. The Chairman of Antrix Corporation said it has got an order to launch 68 satellites from different countries. This includes PlanetiQ will be launching 12 satellites from the USA. PlanetiQ is a weather forecasting firm.


What will the satellites be used for?

The satellites will be used for data generation, communications, image capturing, remote-sensing, broadcasting and to track the weather. ISRO will soon be seen using the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle for satellites which are more than 2 tonnes in geostationary orbits. ISRO is looking forward to the commercial operations of GSLV and getting ready to launch more satellites.


PSLV-C34 was used to launch satellites for countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Britain and USA. The total weight was 1,288kgs. The idea behind launching these many satellites is an optimal utilization of rocket-space which will result in achieving economies of scale.


Future Plans

Antrix wants to meet the increasing demand of meeting the satellite needs which will be used for various purposes. With so many countries which want to launch satellites, India wants to take advantage of this industry. It is advantageous for many countries because of subsidies are given by the government. India is ready to compete with the world and service remains flawless.


The more foreign exchange is good news all the way for India. The increasing competition from SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Firefly System will only make India work harder and be more competitive in pricing.


Interestingly, The British multi-national Virgin Group along with Indian telecom Bharti Enterprises and USA chipmaker Qualcomm plan to launch 648 smaller satellites to beam high-speed internet to local terminals.


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