LinkedIn announces 3 awesome new products for India!


The Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn was in Bengaluru this week. Weiner came to India a few times before but he visited the technology capital of India for the very first time. He has ambitious plans for India and launched 3 new products ‘Made in India, for India’ today. Despite these being for the Indian audience, it will also appeal to the global audience. The three LinkedIn products are:


LinkedIn Lite: A stripped down version of the LinkedIn for poor connection. It has been built from scratch in the past 12 weeks which will load up 4 times faster on mobile devices. The existing version of the site load took 150KB this will take around 70KB. It will highlight only the essential parts of the website like the news feed, jobs, notifications, and personal profile. This version will be available to the Indian market in a few week’s time.


LinkedIn Placements and Hiring: A student placement product which will have an online assessment test. This will give students direct access to the top 35 corporates in India.


LinkedIn Marketing and Learning Solutions: This will be a starter pack for small businesses.


All the three packages were made by the 250 strong team in the R&D facility in Bengaluru, India. While in India, Weiner spoke about the LinkedIn’s India Strategy, integration with Microsoft and content strategy to attract small businesses and startups. The 3 new product strategy has been tested in China before as well. Besides USA and Chine, India is the 3rd place where this has been introduced. Interestingly, all the 3 new products are in line with keeping the ‘Digital India’ in mind. The Placements and hiring were planned to keep the ‘Skill India’ scheme in mind and the startup package was designed keeping the ‘Startup India’ scheme into consideration.


The LinkedIn CEO was thoroughly impressed with the way India is encouraging its youth towards startups and helping them to set up businesses with ease. He also mentioned companies like Ola and Flipkart are doing a significant job.


India is the second largest market for LinkedIn with 37 million users behind the USA which has over 130 million users. Additionally, the company has chosen to build customized products reveals the importance of Indian market. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 million in June to boost its productivity tools and services.


LinkedIn CEO had added the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as one of his Influencers. He admires the work Modi has been doing for making ‘Digital India’ a huge success. Another development which took place in the LinkedIn office in Bengaluru was the announcement of India’s new Head of Principal Product Manager – Mr. Akshay Kothari. He was replaced by Nishant Rao who has joined Freskdesk- a startup.


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