8 reasons why Uber’s self-driving cars are awesome


In a surprising announcement, Uber said it will allow the users to use self driving cars. The plan seems reckless, but the Uber CEO believes it seems to be the next best step. The future of the cars is almost here. The company has launched the first self driving cars in Pittsburg, San Francisco. This seems to be just the beginning. It’s the biggest technological change in our times.

Lesser accidents and traffic jams

Since it will be all controlled, the user mistakes can be avoided and around 13,000 people who are killed in road accidents will live to see another day. Many driving hit other cars of damage headlights or taillights while parking. This issue will also be solved. Since there will be no parking for self driving cars, no accidents.

Communication of cars with each other

The biggest challenge which seems at the moment is communicating with human driven cars. But Uber has found a way to bypass this issue. Cars will be communicating with each other letting them know constantly of each others location, cargo and intentions. No more honking, cars will signal each other of the danger ahead.

Few Car Ownership

Self driving technology will at the moment will not be owned by the individuals. This can be shared like Uber. It’s still a long way to think about having their own personal cars with self driving feature. If no one will own a self driving car, who will need financing? Moreover, no car insurance also.

Less pollution and fossil fuels

The self driving cars will be powered by electricity. Additionally, even those who use fuels will use them efficiently. Less self owned cars will mean less pollution on the streets. The traffic will be much more predictable as well. Fewer driver jobs and traffic police on the road as well.

Change of laws

There will be need to change laws in the country on the traffic and regulations in USA as well. Other countries would want to capture the technology in their own countries. Expressways especially for the self driving vehicles can be seen in the near future. The law students will need to think of someone else to blame for road accidents. But who will it be? Plus who will pay for speeding tickets? Big loss of revenue for the states.


No privacy and not time to yourself

This will only mean that your boss will be aware that you are free while you travel. Hence do not expect more time on your hands. Additionally, the car will be monitored continuously so do not expect any privacy in the cars.

Change of jobs

Obviously the jobs will change as per the needs. We will need more engineers and tech gods to understand this better. The people who can master this will be super employees.

Cleanliness will be top priority

Keeping the streets clean will be a top priority. Sure there will be a lot easier as cars will be communicating with each other all the time, hence they will let others know if a debris is blocking a way.

A news reporter from California got a change to use the self driving car in Pittsburg. He said it’s a good plan but needs to be worked on. A driver can move to driver mode anytime they see the car misbehaving. He will have complete control of the car. The car was able to inform of the animals crossing the street, traffic updates, bicycles on the way and other movements.


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